Last Time

August 27, 2012
That man is the man I loved
But I don’t love him anymore
And I don’t want to speak to him
I don’t want to know how he’s changed
Since the last time I saw him
I don’t know if he’s sober or not
If there’s a cigarette in his mouth or not
And I don’t want to find out
I don’t know if he was sober
Or not
The last time
I spoke to him
Maybe not knowing
Is better
For me

I’m not stubborn
I have my reasons
I don’t want to talk to him
I don’t want to see him
And I don’t care how that makes him feel
If he feels anything at all
Because it’s making me
Feel a lot worse
I don’t care how it makes anyone feel
It’s hard enough
As it is
If they make me speak to him
If they make me see him
It will be
The last time

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