Lightening strikes,Thunder is hidden

August 30, 2012
By VickyLove92 PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
VickyLove92 PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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once life gets harsh/hard, hold your head strong because that's all you can do

All I can think about is the rhythm of my heart
It’s pounding hard as like a brick
Hitting against someone’s skull
Causing it to mortify me
The collision is breath taking
Words can’t describe the image
Cruelty is the only exception of the words
Can emphasize the action

Eruption of anger hits inside of me
Witnessing it
In my mind

Terrifies me because it’s the truth
The truth of him
Physically abusing the arms I need
To hug others in my situations
But I’m incapable to ask for one

Desperate cries are inside of me
Built up, stationed still
No one could feel
See the contour lines of these buildings
It’s in the shadows, whipping in the corners

Of the most feared individuals live
As like myself
Trapped and alone, lost in a forbidden happiness
Holding my one hundred twenty five pounds of beauty
Wrapped in a cocoon for protection
From him

The author's comments:
I would like to say if you are in this situation. Please ask for help. I want others to believe in themselves to stand up who they are and why they need to say good-bye. it's not just physical issue but a health issue. hope u enjoy and comment and rate<3

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