With Decisions,Only Time will tell

August 29, 2012
By Big_BiZzZle_B93 BRONZE, Grosse Ile, Michigan
Big_BiZzZle_B93 BRONZE, Grosse Ile, Michigan
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One second goes
as a minute rapidly approaches,
within 60 of those
and your feeling Atrocious

We take our time for Granted
Until we know our time is up
as we are pushed for instant change
your tempted to just Blowup

Years go by
with new faces and old
But there's always that one
Which tells you "stand bold"

Complications and Equations
which form the product of life
But only "Time" shall be present
In every conclusion from such strife

When the clock hits its mark
The decision shall be said
And if made correctly
previous feelings are now stated dead

Rather they stand at your side
or your put to a new quest
That one you used to admire
Shall stay with your heart, in eternal rest

The author's comments:
Rather this came out of a feeling of Love, Determination, or a feeling that i cant put into a word. This is specifically about a girl i have known a year now, and have always wanted to date, and now that the time is here, the relationship decision lies within her emotions and willingness to try

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