face that shows me im safe

August 26, 2012
i dont want to wonder...why, as my screams are muffled. by thunder rolling across the sky.
today im taking back my life...like i shouldve long ago.
ill carry my head high, and wont walk so slow.
i wont give up...ive made it too far to quit now.
ive been running for so long...afraid to sit down...i didnt know what i was running from but it was always hanging around. so i kept running.
my eyes have seen so much they start to block out the things i need most. the sun light fades to black and im chasing after its ghost.
still running trying not to slow. but i wont stop running cause right now im alone. its the only way ive ever felt safe.
but now i feel that way everytime i see her face.
im not quite sure how she so easily flipped my world. made it easier to see i can be safe with someone beside me. shes the girl of my dreams...and now i see its reality. i always thought love was a lie a fallacy...created deep inside. to rationalize all the pain youve been through over the years. but love is usually the reason for our tears. but thats a risk im willing to take. shes the girl with the face that shows me im safe

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