Who I Am

August 26, 2012
By Anonymous

I'm not a boy

Is what I keep hearing

But who are they to say who I am and who I am not

This long flow beautiful hair

It isn't me

It upset me

I want a haircut

Baggy just right clothing

Able to be one of the guys

Without question 

Tho its not so easy

So I'm locking away my true self

For their sakes

My happiness doesn't matter

I'm Autumn

Hes the person I want to be more than anything else

But Autumn

Everyone loves her

She's happy and not question for who she is

Spencer is

Spencer is me

I am Spencer

I'm stuck between the lines of who I am and and who Im pretending to be

The author's comments:
Been thinking about how to deal with my gender identity for the upcoming school year and memories came back

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