Love Killed Me

August 26, 2012
By amanda66 BRONZE, Prescott Valley, Arizona
amanda66 BRONZE, Prescott Valley, Arizona
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You have made me emotional
you have made me a mess
a sweet caring story
to a boy who broke my heart
tears started flying, I was torn apart
my blade met my leg the blood ran down fast
I hate everything today
I'm just never okay
I look to see your truck
though I know your not there
I know how it feels
Like you have no one left
I'm actually alone
i am by myself
i can only count on me
the me you will see
now i have pain
now i don't feel the same
now i cry every-night
now i wonder where i went so wrong
what did i do so bad
what made you treat me like that
what can i do just to take it all back
my heart is something you chose to crack
you broke me down once more you see
this is the pain that
you caused me..

The author's comments:
I was in love with my best friend and I got hurt, never once fall for your best friend when he feels the same because it'll never end like you wish it would.

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