What kind of man?

August 19, 2012
By , lilburn, GA
I had to see her

go through guys

like it was nothing.

Each one treated

her wrong.

They never lasted long.

But what kind of man

puts his hands

on the women he loves?

Mom. I saw you.

Covered in bruises,

you told me it was nothing.

You claim you fell,

but the second

he walked in that door

I knew it was going to be hell.

He yelled, and I closed my eyes.

He hit you and I screamed.

You say your alright; that it

doesn't hurt, but the marks

all over you, tell another story.

Parents tell you, that your too

young to understand love,

I'm not confused. I comprehend it

now & I'm quite afraid.

I can see past the shades of blue

on your face, that you wanna smile.

I can see that you want to go back to

being the old mom.

The one who kisses me

every day before I go to school,

the one that nags me to stay

away from boys.

You tell me mom,

you always say, that I can trust you,

that I can tell you all

my secrets.But your the one, making

me promise, I won't tell anyone yours.

You stand in front me, and I can see

you want to cry. I can see you want

to break down, but all you do is

just stare at me.

& you keep saying over and over,

you keep telling me, that I don't understand.

But after every beating, I keep wondering the same thing..

What kind of man?

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