It's Killing Me

August 12, 2012
By Anonymous

She took my hand between shaky fingers
And slowly made her way to the scars that haunt her arm
I layed their with tears silently creeping down the stone cold cheeks of mine
I asked her for how long
She choked out an answer and even though it was dark
I saw the little girl with pain behind her glistening eyes
I heard the tears that fell directly to my side
Even more proof right there!
When I could feel the lumps that the blade made as she used her power to harm herself
I felt it as my own feelings 
Because when she hurts, I hurt with her
As I lay with her next to me here
I still feel the scars that covers her arm
I feel them as though they cover my body
Gently caressing her body with this pain
If only I could take those scars as my own
If only I could stop them from appearing
When the pain kills her
I will let it take me with them
It kills me also.  

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