Bead Sale

August 24, 2012
By E-Lee-Sha BRONZE, Wausau,WI, Wisconsin
E-Lee-Sha BRONZE, Wausau,WI, Wisconsin
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A picture is worth a thousand words, but is a word worth a thousand pictures

I walk in the room and sit down
I look around and frown

one bead necklace for me
everybody else has at least twenty

I look at the note attached
and I read it front to back:

Happy Valentine's day
I like you a lot

signed, Anonymous

I start having little giggling fits
and a smile graces my lips

Who could have sent me this wonderful note?
I start to look around filled with hope

I see you smiling in my direction
and then you look at the note I left you and you read my confession

you stand up and walk towards me
I stand up too but I am getting weak in the knees

You lean in and give me a peck on the cheek
I blush madly and can hardly speak

I only got one bead but
sometimes that is all you need

The author's comments:
Every year my middle school did a bead sale and I was always hoping I'd get a bead from that special someone, but come on, who doesn't

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