Superficial is in

August 24, 2012
I always thought, maybe they could care.
Actually care about me.
But that was untrue.
They never did.
I might as well say this was all a dream.
The pretty girl always gets it in the end.
Just like it has always been.
I play the game.
Though, I never thought of it as a game until today.
Friends are picky, even if you don’t want to admit it, you go for looks.
Just the way the human race is.
You want the hot friend not the lame one who reads all day.
The attractive one likes keeping you in her back pocket, using you almost as an ego booster.
While the other helps you through your cousins death, brings you food when you have none, and gives you a home when you don’t have one.
But you put the gorgeous one ahead of the other.
Has she ever lied to you?
Ever made you doubt yourself?
Yet you are so superficial.
You stick by the wrong.
Not noticing the others doings.

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