Mumblings of a Classroom

August 23, 2012
the Clock's face stares blankly
Tick,Tock. Click!
the ancient apparatus whirs to life.
Click.the slide show stage continues.
Tick,Tock.Click.Scratch. the mindless
minions that make up my peers
scribble notes furiously.Click.
Posters peer down from their lofty perches.
Menacing monsters scrutinizing our short-comings.
"The Secret is Written in the Stars"
(of the bright eyes of our young)
Physics tell us Bumblebees can't
(Perhaps because they are told from birth
they can, they believe
and succeed.)Tick,Tock.
(If I told a little boy he could
would he?)
)I'm standing on the tracks-Tock-
listening to the locomotive's whistle scream.Click.
If train A leaves the station at 2 o'clock
Scratch.traveling at 46 mph.And train B
leaves at aquarter past 3 going 62 mph-
When will they. . .Tick-Bong-Tock!
the Bell blares the beginning of
our next migration.
All the practicing puppets
shake off their strings and shuffle
out the door.Click-
I glance behind and see
the final word to the question.
Wide-eyed, Forzen-
I stare as the door thuds.

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