To the Preps

August 22, 2012
Go far away, who cares where
I say to the Preps with their perfect hair
I can see right through your “pretty” disguise
I say to the Preps with their deceptive lies
You don’t have friends; you have a band of minions
I say to the Preps with their false opinions

No matter how much make up you apply
You’ll always be ugly to every hot guy
I say to the Preps as a voice for all of junior high
We as a whole are sick of your put downs
Because the only college you could attend would be one for the clowns
Now farewell
I say to the Preps though that word they might not be able to spell
Our lives will all change
For better or worse
But at l least I know we’ll be far from your curse

You will not infect us any longer
For truly, our popularity is stronger
And one day when we are all older
Our kids will not have Preps peering over their shoulder
Because we will stop all your nonsense
I say to the Preps whose live they are ruining at only their expense

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