Sandra Poem 2

August 22, 2012
By DizjayBlount PLATINUM, Las Vegas, Nevada
DizjayBlount PLATINUM, Las Vegas, Nevada
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"Emotions? Nope, I've got nothin' like that. I told you when we first met, didn't I? I'm a snake. With cold skin, no emotions, that slithers around searching for prey with its tongue, swallowing down whatever looks tasty"
-Gin Ichimaru

Inside she's hiding so much doubt. She feels like her life was turned inside out. She fears the worst has already come. She's hurt by the pain she's from. She's been broken down and destroyed before. So now she's afraid to open up anymore. She's afraid to be close, connected to one. Because of what the others have done. You dont believe there's one for you. And you dont think love is true. For you so long to crying you were inclinde, that love is no longer divine. You cant move past what the others did. And for you to ever love god forbid. You cant see what he says is true. You cant see what he wants for you. You cant see how he truly feels. You cant see because the pain wont heal. You dont know how to make the pain go away. You dont know how you live each day. You dont know what its like to be happy. You dont know because all you feel is crappy. He is here to help. He is here to make the ice melt. He is here to make you alive. He is here to be your guide. He is yours and always will be. And he.... is me

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