When did you realize?

August 22, 2012
When did you realize that you no longer loved me? Was I just sitting there and when you looked into my eyes that spark wasn’t there for you anymore even though it was for me? When you lied and said that you loved me when you didn’t, did you regret it? Did you ever stop and think what you were doing to me? I could’ve moved on, but your pretending stopped me from moving on and kept me loving you more than ever. When I looked into your eyes and you looked back with those crystal clear blue eyes, did you just suddenly realize that I wasn’t spontaneous for you anymore? Why did you have to lie and keep me going on with your lie like a pathetic fool? I could’ve been over you and met someone new, but no, you get me with you even though you knew I was nothing to you. How long did you pretend before you realized that we just couldn’t conquer life together anymore? The moment it was over for you, was I smiling? When the doubts of me enter into your mind? Why did you have to do this to me? You shattered my strength and smashed my hope.
When did you realize?

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