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August 22, 2012
By zeguela GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
zeguela GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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Hate cannot outstrive hate, only love can do that
Darkness cannot outstrive darkness only light can do that


I am a black woman’s right activists and I was born into slavery
To walk two steps without looking back encloses lots of bravery
They say I need help to lift the heaviest rock cause I’m a black woman
But I have fought against night and rose towards day with all my strength
I recruited black troops and aim to end the torture for my fellows soar
Though I may die being unsuccessful but at least I closed many of those tactless doors
You can call us slaves until the day the smallest breath is within our reach

Because we have prayed and begged and stood hours on our knees

You may call me many things but I refuse to be called a useless poor
Because I have a control to write and I have all but freedom to give in more
Always being maltreated and set to hate yourself, I understand your pain
For all suffrage you faced and the good you lost becomes a white man’s gain
Today the sky didn’t turn its true blue color, it turned red
It has been filled with misfortune and all blood that’s been shed
It is hard to live when trees howling eyes watch you’re every move
But be a woman and be a strong one too, and theirs a lot you’ll prove
Don’t scare yourself when someone is chasing you to fright your mind
Because you are able to stand and to have a freedom that isn’t blind
Before the wind takes me with it, I would like to say that
I am an unknown future that holds profound light inside of you
I am a black woman’s activists whose name is sojourner truth

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