Falling Down

August 22, 2012
By Anonymous

Sometimes falling down gives us bruises
Gives up a bump
Makes us cry
Sometime loosing something
Makes us want that object that much more
Sometimes giving up seems like the only solution
The only solution to whatever we have going on
Sometimes just forgetting seems to make the world right again
Makes all the bad go away
Sometimes getting hurt is just part of the process of getting somewhere
Getting to a destination that we have worked on for more a while
Sometimes hurting shows we that we are human
And that nothing is perfect
Sometimes having to grow can be a challenge
But that just says that we are actually working at it
Sometimes hardships let us learn
Learn what, that is up to you
Sometimes making a new friend can be a hard or easy thing to do
We just have pick whether or not we are going to make it difficult
Sometimes living can seem to be pointless
But we just need to hold on and look again at what we have
And sometimes getting what we want can make us spoiled
There are a lot of instances in this world that we can name
And then we could name an excuse right?
So there should be an answer to whatever you are going through
So when you need an answer but can’t find one
Try to dig deep and see what you can come up with
If this is done who knows how many people can be saved

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