try to never grow up

August 19, 2012
By , arcata, CA
the funny thing is it seems like yesterday
we were all little children
running wild, not caring
time has flown by so quickly
and now we are all so grown up
standing tall now, acting mature
do you remember when we used to run around
and try to be horses?
we were always pretending
making up stories, and games
how innocent we were
we said things like gosh darn it
instead of swearing, like we do now
we were so carefree, and happy
now it feels like the whole weight of the world is on our shoulders
we didn't used to care about boys
used to truly believe they had cooties
now they are what our lives revolve around
if we had nightmares, crawling into bed with mom and dad
always made us feel safe
now when the shadows haunt us
we brave through it alone
how we used to hug out fathers leg
and hide in our moms skirt
now we are embarrassed and ashamed
of them whenever they are there
we used to draw on the walls with markers
and paint our hair and skin pretty colors
now we freak out if we get sticky
we were so different then
its surprising how things change
when i was little, i promised myself id never grow up
i thought kissing was so disgusting
now its the most romantic thing
i sigh as i look back
the memories make me smile
i've been thinking...
i really wish i never grew up
i wish i was that same innocent girl
with nothing to do but play
i miss those times so much
wish i could just go back
but the sad thing is i cant
so please if you are younger right now
don't rush your childhood
don't wish you you were older
it will come soon enough, too soon
run wild, be free
enjoy it while its still there
because one day, you'll wake up
and it will all be in the past
and you will be older
with responsibility and worries
and doubts beyond belief
so stay young for as long as you can
i promise you it is worth it in the end.

the end.

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