August 15, 2012
By Anonymous

i sink to the ground
as realization kicks in
you are gone
and i cant do anything about it
i hurt you, i let you down
the cold words, weren't mine
something took me over
turned my heart to stone
and my face cold
i watched you cry
and walk away
for weeks the evil thing
still had a hold on me
but seeing your face again
made me brake through the ice
and feel the shame and regret
you walk around with your head down
i know i broke you
i cant believe i said those things to you
i let the darkness win over me
i can honestly say i am so sorry
i wish things were different
i wish i could go back
and deal with things in a different way
but i was just so angry
you confessed, that you cheated
what else was i supposed to do?
dang it!
i should of been the one crying
not you, i guess you always were more sensitive than me
your heart is made of thin ice
mine of stone
i am stronger, always have been
i must say, i thought we would last forever
but you ruined that the day you said yes to her
i am sorry, but you done lit a fuse
and i really cant forgive you
i am sorry, i have tried
but it isn't going to happen
since you slept with her
why don't you go back to her
stop acting like the victI'm
when you were the one who did this
if you had really wanted and loved me
you would of told her no and walked away
don't try and talk yourself out of it
you lied to me, hurt me more than you know
go back to her
and leave me alone.
i don't care anymore
you are a jerk
and i am smarter now
you got people on your side
but so do i
and i know that from this article
i sound really confused
the first part was regret
and now its anger and revenge
truth is, i am confused
of why you left someone as good as me for her
i hope you learn your lesson
but if you do, you ain't coming back
cuz' i wont be here
I'm not waiting around
I'm on my way
today's a different day
i am going on
but one question still rings in my mind
which do i feel more
and you know what
it is equal
i feel revenge to make you pay
and i feel regret that i ever loved you
and i feel them both strongly
and both the same.

The author's comments:
revenge is sweet, and regret...well its the same thing.

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