Aspect of a Queen

August 21, 2012
By seaboundheroesdaughter GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
seaboundheroesdaughter GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
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You ask me to surrender
to give You my voice

and merely agree with You.

To abandon my defenses of wit

-i should give the voice to my story

and stop singing my own song

to handover my free will,

my Choice.

the decisions i make to You,

so that then You could command


would dictate to me my saga

and i, i would be your scribe

Essentially, You ask me to submit
To call you my leader, master, my everyting.
And follow blindly wherever You lead-
to become the puppet
and you the puppeteer.

My answer is
I'll fight you till the end-
to defend my freedom and choice
I will not let you tell
who I am.
That is for Me to discover and decide

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