Someone Has Done You Wrong

August 21, 2012
Someone has done you wrong, my friend;
I can see it in your eyes.
I feel that hidden pain,
I hear your smothered cries.

Take a band-aid
And cover up the scar.
Cover up the people
Who made you who you are.
Tell them it's just a healing wound
But you and I both know,
That there is no blood
and only the scar that lies below.

I can X-ray through the bandage,
I can see the scarred hurt underneath.
I feel yours as my own;
where our pain meets.

I have a scar too,
creeping under these clothes.
No one else sees it
But I can tell you're one that knows
That it's deep,
deeper than any well
Or ocean I've ever seen,
In life and in sleep.

Yes, we can hide our scars,
and no one will truly see me or you,
Nor will they see what we've gone through.
But someone has done you wrong, my friend.
I'm sure it will all come out in the end.

The injustice strains against you,
the monster roars within.
But no,
you won't let it come out again.
You'll shut it up and cage it,
In the toughest,
strongest steel
But you and I both know
that it will come out still.

Because someone has done you wrong, my friend
you and I both know.
I promise not to let anyone do that to you.
Oh no,
never again.
I won't let your heart go.

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