August 21, 2012
Senior year.
My last year
Forth year.
Year of destruction.

School just started.
All my favorite classes.
All dearly loved.
None to give up.

Have classes with friends.
Friends I knew since first year.
Friends that stayed close.
friends i hold dear.

To loose in one day,
Destruction day,
Armageddon day,
Last day.

I pray.
I hope.
I wish.
Don't end yet.

We all have our lives.
Ahead of us.
To look forward to.
To be proud of.

Don't waste time.
Spend it wisely.
Have fun.
Live it up.

But don't be stupid.
If we live.
if there is another day.
Don't wake up in jail.

Be safe.
Be smart.
Be helpful.
Be responsible.

But have your fun

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