Safe in Your Arms?

August 21, 2012
By shimmering_stars GOLD, Fowler, Michigan
shimmering_stars GOLD, Fowler, Michigan
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Are you truly safe at all?
You trap me in the misery of my own walls,
You cage my mind with the conviction that I can’t be hurt this way.
When I finally am able to breathe in a breath of clarity,
You smother it, till not even embers of beauty remain.
You convinced me that you were what I needed.
You coerced my aching soul into believing that the only way to survive
was to block out all feelings, to protect my heart and my mind with an army great enough to defeat any trace of danger.
This is the truth: I am not safe because of You.
I am not safe from numbness or pain,
or irritation brought by the static constantly clouding my mind.
I am not safe from monotony.
I am not safe from utter misery.
You have suffocated my soul, smothered my creativity, and numbed my heart.
It seems the only thing I am not safe from is you.

The author's comments:
I struggle a great deal with being open about my emotions. I prefer to remain closed off so I'm not hurt in the ways I've seen so many of my friends be hurt. But this, too, provides its own pain.

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