80 Pills...

August 21, 2012
By LexiiSkye BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
LexiiSkye BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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I can never figure out why she was sad. Nor why she, hated her mother so much but gave her everything she had.
Sometimes I can't help but wonder, wonder why she didn't pick up her telephone and call. Or wonder, how she could ever be so clueless because I know I had her back through it all.
Those 80 pills really didn't kill her. No, she did this all on her own. And I can't help but be selfish and angry, because she left me here all alone.
The memories of her remanence. Yeah, still haunts me at night. They urge me to try to let her move on, but my heart is still willing to fight.
Baby, things were really getting better. So why take it all away now? Maybe, it was never meant for us to be happy. But you managed to swallow 80 pills how?
Did you ever even think about your family? Did you, think how this would ever make them feel? You ripped, their whole heart out their chest and left their eyes along with mines drenched with tears.

The author's comments:
"This article was written from a guys prospective. It tells the story of a guys girlfriend committing suicide."

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