Hidden Heartbreak

August 20, 2012
Missing someone isn't about
when you last saw them,
it's those moments when you know
they should be there with you,
but they aren't.
You spend so many nights alone
and every now and then you'll wonder,
"Is it all going to be worth it?"
When yo think about it,
you say it will.
But your trusts issues get in the way
and you think crazy things.
Days and nights drag on
and you get nothing.
You just wish you knew for sure
how much he really loves you.
Every day you're left wondering
if there's someone he loves more...
someone better than you...
and all you can do is cry.
You cry until there's nothing left,
then check the messages on your phone.
But there's never anything there.
Heartbreak is such a horrible sound,
yet that's all you can hear.
You just wish he was there,
instead of miles away.
Afraid to drive him off,
you never tell him how you feel.
You keep it all bottled up inside,
and never tell him when you stay up all night crying.
You're hurting,
but no one knows it.
And that, right there,
is what you never want him to see...
because at the end of the day,
he still means the world to you.

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