Till Death do I Part

August 20, 2012
it's no where near perfect.
Then again,
nothing is.
You spend all your time
living in a dream so face;
you've never opened your eyes.
Until today,
when everything slipped away from you.
Now you're lost in a world so cold,
and you have no clue what to do.
Your family doesn't want you,
so you go from door to door
looking for a friend to take you in.
People have always told you,
"Keep your head high."
But everything so crazy.
You're locked down,
this house is now your prison.
You never know where your life is headed.
Then one day,
you slip back into that horrible dream.
You think it's great for awhile,
until you're woken up again.
You spend your days over heating
because you're hiding your scars
so no one will judge you.
Then one day,
the wrong person sees them.
You're taken away
to an imprisonment
that's no different than the house you grew up in.
They try to help you,
they send you to rehab.
You don't know what to do
and you feel like a crazy person.
You've been locked up for a week
and your mom finally comes for a visit.
She tells you how much she loves you,
but she can't even look at you.
Everything has fallen apart
and you don't know what to do next.
Your feelings have deceived you.
That dream that ones seemed so perfect
no longer exists in your mind.
You're tired of everything.
Nothings right anymore;
your life is a total mess.
When people come to see you,
you simply tell them to leave.
Finally, judgement day comes for you.
You're released from your prison,
a new life awaits you.
No one knows you're gone until it's too late.
You're met at Heaven's gate by your best friend,
and finally the live you've always desired is happening.
You're finally happy.

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