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August 22, 2012
By Sarah Strong BRONZE, Burlington, Wisconsin
Sarah Strong BRONZE, Burlington, Wisconsin
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The smile has faded
My heart and mind are not in order
My life has become so jaded
I’m searching for a boarder

One to show me that it is all going to be ok
Something to tell me that not everyone leaves
Just searching for a way
To show me that they aren’t all thieves

I try and give them it all
Maybe it’s not enough or just too much
Starting to think it’s time to fall
But then I begin to clutch

I can’t just let go
They have made me who I am
Have helped me grow
Even though they act like they don’t give a damn

They aren’t told that they are worth it enough
I want to be the one who does
The one they turn to when times are rough
Even when they have left me with what once was

This is just a phase
Maybe one day they will see
It was just one long daze
Just needed to flee

Or maybe they will not
And God was just showing me how it hurts to have lost
Just another lesson taught
That everything comes at a cost

But one things for certain
My smile does not fade for long
I pull back the curtain
And he has made me twice as strong

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