August 19, 2012
By DreaminginTechnicolor BRONZE, Vail, Arizona
DreaminginTechnicolor BRONZE, Vail, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
Cinderella walked on broken glass. Sleeping Beauty let a whole lifetime pass. Belle fell in love with a hideous beast. Jasmine married a common thief. Ariel walked on land for love and life. Snow White barely escaped a knife. It was all about blood, sweat, and tears, because love, means facing your biggest fears.

Yesterday I stood and cried

Yesterday I wiped my tear-streaked eyes

Yesterday I stood up straight

Yesterday I stepped into the sun

Yesterday I unfurled my wings and stepped into the sky

Yesterday I embraced the sun, and found a whole new world

Yesterday I watched, amazed as the world passed by

Everything I’d missed, unrolled before me

Yesterday the world was rediscovered

Yesterday I shook off my shadows

Yesterday I met you.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by my friend Brian. It didn't work out for us, but that doesn't mean our story won't inspire someone else.

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