August 19, 2012
I wish I would have never met you.
I hate that don't do thing we used to do.
I want to once again here the truth.

I wish we never were friendship.
I hate the way I miss it.
I want us to make sense, I want our story to fit.

I wish I never got confused.
I hate the way I got used used.
I want to feel less bruised.

I wish we never kissed.
I hate how we lost in it.
I want to forget.

I wish we never would have been in love.
I hate that we were....sort of.
I want to just move on.

I wish we never would have stopped talking.
I hate that when you wouldn't answer my calls, it wasn't shocking.
I want it not to keep killing me.

I wish you would say hi to me again.
I hate this had to begin.
I want to act myself you and not pretend.

I wish you would have asked me instead of her.
I hate that you forgot me in a blur.
I want to be heard.

I wish I wasn't so hurt.
I hate that your nothing but a flirt.
I want to treated better than dirt.

I wish you would disappear.
I hate you still here.
I want you to leave so my heart will be clear.

I wish I didn't care.
I hate that pain is still here.
I want you to hate me dear.

I wish you would stop being a stranger.
I hate that you are.
I want you to leave and go far.

I wish I didn't wish.
I hate to hate you.
I want you to want this too.

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