Sad Bird

August 19, 2012
Rain falls heavily
Dark clouds make the sky look gloomy
and a sad crying bird sitting in an oak tree is dying.
Not physically,
or at least not yet.
The sad bird is crying,
But no one gives him any
the sad bird is hurting deeply inside
so he cries.
He feels lonely and wants a friend
He's an orphan,
who sits in this oak tree
not eating for days at a time
for fear that
his family might come and he misses them.
He ran away
from his foster home
'cause there was no love there.
And now there's even less.
He wishes he could go back,
go back to that little tree
"Foster Maple Forest"
and share that nest
-his room-
with three other birds.
But even though
there was always people around him,
he felt more lonely there,
than where he is now.
his birth place.
Where he is sad
Where he cries
He flies outward towards
the lighting and thunder
that started.
And is hit!
He falls
and hits the ground.
Then a bright light
shines through
and with a simile
He says "Mama"
then it goes dark.
He wakes in a house
not a tree
but a house.
There are two humans
a man and a woman
standing over him
shining a lamp's lilted bulb
in his faced.
He hadn't found them.
He starts to cry
not because of the pain
but out of disappointment.
The woman picks him up
and then starts to stroke his body
"it's ok little guy"
she says in a peaceful voice.
She strokes head
then his body
when she gets close to his wings
he passes out from the pain.
He wakes with his wings all fixed and patches up.
He was in a cage now
with other birds that looked like him
"are you my family he asks shyly.
"no" is all he got from each and everyone,
but one female in a corner
hadn't spoken.
He walks over with a big simile
but she just simply shakes her head no.
He walks away,
sits in a corner
and cries his eyes out.
Ever time he thinks he's found them
it turns out only to be fantasy.
He slides trough the bars of the cage
and walks to a window,
and steps on the ledge.
Looks down
then at his wings
then down again.
There's a bright light again
but this time it's real.
He picks up his arm
and can see right through it!
Back on earth:
Four birds that have been looking
for their missing family member.
They find him under a window
And the mother cries to the skies
and it starts to rain.
Rain falls heavily
Dark clouds make the sky look gloomy
And a sad crying bird sitting in an oak tree
is the dead birds mother.
And she's praying that, that wasn’t really her son.

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