August 19, 2012

They say I live in the lap of nature,
With beauty, plentiful resources
And yes, the mighty water.
Ha ! little did they knew,
What I go through, they’ll never get used to.

Every morning my mother bids me goodbye,
To bring water from a well,
Just 20 miles nearby
I see her Arrive in the overhead sun,
Just To take off again
And come back in the dusk.
And thus she has spent her life,
And to such is mine destined.

She doesn’t know the meaning of drought
Well I don’t blame her
How do you call it a night when there’s never been light?
This eternal drought doesn’t ruin my life, for I’ve never known another life,
A better life they say,
Yea someday, someday!

The author's comments:
This piece is about the women in rajesthan, an arid desert of India and how people generations after generations continue to suffer, and the eternal drought carries on...

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