One Last Time

August 22, 2012
War’s a dirty thing.
It can turn a nation against itself
Pit friend against friend
Family against family
Brother against brother.
And when you end up facing
Your own blood on the battlefield
Face to face
And on opposite sides
You can’t help but wonder
How it came to this.
You’ve been desperately hoping
To never see him.
But this is war,
And you are both fighting for your beliefs.
So you fight.
And you kill.
And when you realize
That you’ve spilled your brother’s blood
You can’t help but cry.
With your brother’s death
Your best friend’s death
You become listless
And suicidal
So you throw yourself
Into every battle
Wishing for death
Not wanting to face
The accusatory looks of your family
When you come back alive
But your brother does not.
And so you fight.
Because all you want to do
Is see your brother again
To tell him you’re sorry…
Just one last time.

You win.

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