Burning heart

August 22, 2012
Burning, Burning, it's burning to the ground

There goes my heart again

Turning to ash, i thought that was just in my past

But its in my future too

Damn you

You were the one, who fixed my heart

Just so u could burn it now, Why is all. i can say

Now its burning more, spinning to the ground

Are you proud, my heart hits the ground,and smashes to ashes

If you were going ,to break my heart

Why did you take the time, to fix it, if u planed on breaking it

i am slowly dying, while i am crying

so to the next guy, if u plane on burning my heart

don't fix it, and never say i love u

cus I'll know Ur lying

cus i am not buying it

so hows that fit

my heart is always burning, and turning

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