Life is a Fairytale

August 18, 2012
By Quack6_6 BRONZE, Bannister, Michigan
Quack6_6 BRONZE, Bannister, Michigan
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If you obey all the rules, yoiu miss all the fun.

Living in a world with dragons, wizards, and perfect harmony. Everything would be better if we had lived in a fairytale. Find a better replacement for the real things. Instead of fighting for your attention, lay low and wait for the right time. Instead of searching for love, give it chance. Anything may turn up. In this world we would all be the same. Then again, that would be a disaster in that world. Our time is so different. You have to think…”Do I really want to be like them?” It’s good to stand out, be yourself. It gives your life it’s own meaning, you’re reason to live. In this fairytale, break out of the ordinary. This fairytale could be life. You don’t know what you can become. You can be anything you want, but it just doesn’t come to you. Fate has it all in store but, help it along, make things happen. So in this fairytale called “Life”…know that you can make anything happen.

The author's comments:
I hope people understand that this piece has a message behind it. My poem says "Be yourself, Be different, but be REAL".

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