Fishing With No Bait

August 18, 2012
I feel like I'm fishing with no bait
Got my hook in the water but nothing is biting back today
I tried to put together that jigsaw puzzle called love
I failed
Well at least I tried
No one told me loving you would be so hard
No wait they did
I just didn't listen
But how can I ignore the person who makes up my existence
You make this harder on me when you do stupid things
Telling me I'm just a child
This isn't about me
I seem to disagree
It has everything to do with me
You make me feel like your the child and I'm the parent
Except one thing
You don't accept my correction
You love m?
You lied
Because if you did you would put your differences with my mom aside
So yeah I feel like I'm fishing with no bait
Or maybe I have it but the fish just aren't out today

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