Early Mornings

August 18, 2012
By EleazarA BRONZE, Queens, New York
EleazarA BRONZE, Queens, New York
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Daylight Shatters night as a golden orb ascends
replacing its silver sister and cosmic cousins
Morning wind greets the air ,carrying off all things of the prior day
Like a naked canvas the day lays bare
A hazy sky awaits the soulful smile of the sun
Like a broken dam orange rays pour through cracks of night
Filling a pasty sky with bright yellows, vibrant purples, and radical reds
Dawn breaks over still seas and reaches out touching land
My dark room meets the sun and its rays slowly spread leaving me enveloped in light
Yawning birds awaken me , singing morning greetings
The air is sweet and welcomes all
What colors will I paint my day ?

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