August 18, 2012
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When your heart is frozen
each beat is painful
pulse is diminished
and hollow are eyes
When your heart is frozen
blood flows through constricted
veins are collapsing
and ice spreads through fingertips
When your eyes are hollow
light is darkened
tinted and foggy
unreadable iris
When your eyes are hollow
you search and strain
You find a kind smile
mirrored in two
and oh,
how you want to hold that gaze!
but tears spring up and blind you!
and you wipe them away!
you search and strain once again!
but all you see are footprints.
frozen like your heart,
hollow like your eyes,
walking away.
was your heart always icy?
did your eyes but once glisten?
were those footprints
more like imprints?
scars even?
kicks, stomps,walking all over
your once warm heart?
will you ever speak of it?
or bottle it for rainy days
and matching sleet?
I think you were warm once.
and your bright eyes still shine
if through hollow slits.
Healing is inevitable.

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PDazzle said...
Aug. 24, 2012 at 9:29 pm
So honest and insightful...I want to read more of your work!
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