What Would I Give

August 20, 2012
What would I give
If we still went to school
At the same place
What would I give
For you to know
How I feel about you
What would I give
To be able to tell
How I feel without fear

What would I do
If you found out
Or if you already knew
What would I do
If I knew how you felt
Toward me
What would I do

When will I stop
Feeling this way
Will I ever be the same
When can I know
If our feelings are shared
The same toward each other
What would I give
If they were

You don't even know
Half of how I feel
I miss you more
Every day I don't see you
That little time we get
When we see each other
Once a week I can feel
Maybe you like me too

What would I give
If I only knew

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