Ignorance isn't Bliss

August 20, 2012
By Wolfira PLATINUM, Evansville, Wisconsin
Wolfira PLATINUM, Evansville, Wisconsin
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Remember the girl with the shining eyes?

The ones that reflected your image when you looked into them
The same ones that thought the world of who they were looking at
The eyes that loved the world

Remember the one with the bright smile?

The one that always was contagious
The same smile that fixed bad days in an instant
That smile that was true-hearted

Remember how she always made you laugh?
Remember how her laugh filled a room?
Remember how she loved you with all her heart?
Remember how her name made your stomach jump?
Remember how she thought the world of you?
Remember how her scent made you smile?

Remember how you crushed her?

Her eyes no longer reflect love
Her smile is no longer true
She lost her desire to laugh
But most of all
She lost hope in happiness

Now do you remember her?

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