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August 16, 2012
By MineSkipe SILVER, Sunshine Coast, Other
MineSkipe SILVER, Sunshine Coast, Other
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Jim Was a young man that always seemed to get confused.

He would run home to water some flowers when it was already pouring with rain.

He would cry when happy and eat when he was full.

He would think a bull was a robotic horse and that a plant was a racing course.

When he goes home he asks his cat for a loan.

He eats his couch and sits on his dinner.

Even though he is fat he thinks he is much thinner.

Instead of him brushing his teeth he scratches himself with a tooth pic.

And with out a doubt Jim has a confusing but magical imagination.

The author's comments:
I just wanted to write, so I decided to create this thing. What ever it is.

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