Sprite to Spit Upon

August 15, 2012
By bubalorachel BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
bubalorachel BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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The second meaning, I'll not look
For it has escaped my fickle attentions
And left me

I'd offer up my tainted ANGEL
Who society raped at first glance
Ford's assembly line of vicious
unapologetic spasms of faulty absent integrity
Has left Heaven's most beautiful majesty
frothing poisonous blood
from her flattened faltering lips

To save her now
Impossible.Foolish even
Now she lies and her wings
stained with bad men's blood
lustful eye won't look away

No more claiming her as my own
Not any longer
She's punished in my place
So I walk away, head higher than ever was proper
In the heart of the city, ANGEL, she'll rot
And I
Go free.

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