August 15, 2012
By Kay.B.Toys SILVER, Blackstone, Massachusetts
Kay.B.Toys SILVER, Blackstone, Massachusetts
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I've lost the battle fair and square
I know the fight is done
Though I fought hard and gave my all
This war could not be won.

My feathers once blue are scarlet red
Dotted with my decline
I feel as though I can't go on
But then there comes a sign.

My saviors glide to my fallen form
The brave eagle and lovely swan
They whisper words so beautiful to me
To make the pain be gone.

Slowly pain fades into nothing at all
An emerging flame glows inside
Now it is so warm again
As the flames widen their stride.

I feel a split, a giant rift
Ripple through my skin
Now a new bird steps from the ashes
Gone is the one I'd been

I spread my colorful wings so far
Stretching to the ends of the Earth
I am new and beautiful
I finally know my worth.

So bring your challenges from far and wide
I can take on any test
Strength is forever at my side
Just watch me, I'll never rest

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