education,and pain

August 15, 2012
I was in the corner all by myself
watching everyone else laugh and reunite
and i was by myself trying to blink away the tears i was scared
everyone just blocked me out
i was hidden in the shadow of the loner corner
as the day went by i still haven't made one friend
so i thought to myself do i have germs or am i really hideous
then the worst part came......lunch
as i walk in the cafeteria i saw all tables full i knew no-one!
so with my food and the only friend i had (air)....i went and sat at a table by myself
as i pray silently for god to help me
my cousin mysteriously shows up!
we talk and all of a sudden i felt happy i felt OK!
but that was only the beginning now i must face the rest of the days focusing on my education and blinding out my pain

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