The meaning of freedom

August 18, 2012
By zeguela GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
zeguela GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
Hate cannot outstrive hate, only love can do that
Darkness cannot outstrive darkness only light can do that


To light up the sky with a voice that can perceive sound from miles away
Never to overheat with hate and letting the love die out to disobey
Following the broken trace of the bloods that were killed and left behind
To fight with the power I know isn’t worthless but
Carry a little courage I know isn’t blind
To look in my children’s eye and tell them they are the song hidden underneath the cruelty
For my words to out strive the darkness and have some meaning in liberty
As for hate, who has no purpose here in this heavenly life on my earth
Have had multiple existences in many sympathetic people’s hurts
I have dreamed of being free, somehow I’ve unlocked a key to a thought of kindness
Because none of my desires to be free came true, I realized how dreams can become lifeless
To hold my birth mother’s hand as a child for one day and let it go the other
Keeping in my mind the people who raised me to fly like the softest feather
The wind and I have a special connection; it guides me right when I head left
It howls when I have been dreadful and blows musically when I’ve been blessed
Each of these sentences has a specific meaning to what it means to be free
Whether it is overcoming obstacles on your own or just being truly
The small things we overlook everyday is the true meaning of having freedom
To make a promise to not betray others when they look back contains wisdom
Don’t take small steps or be fearful to fight certain battles towards the top of the highest heights, because it shows that you’re afraid
After that, you’ll realize that true freedom was lighting up the sky with a voice that did perceive sound from miles away

The author's comments:
We overlook that we gained freedom harshly, so this is what true freedom means to me.

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