A Grin That Hangs in Empty Space

August 18, 2012
By closetgeek BRONZE, Newark, Illinois
closetgeek BRONZE, Newark, Illinois
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"I am the hero of this story/I don't need to be saved." or "Don't Panic!"

The haunted night implies my life,
The stars like splattered mud,
The moon a rip, a cut, a hole that leaks with silver blood

Euphoria wrapped in danger
Like a dagger wrapped in silk,

And that danger’s tantalizing kiss
Shredded holes in silken cloth
And out fell, fluttering, white hot stars
Trembling flurries of Danger’s drug

And the metaphoric silk is my metaphoric life
And that sliver of moon is a tear in the night

A tear up-curved, leaking light,
Smirking down from a blackened night
Cutting short life’s great race

A grin that hangs in empty space
Fraying ends like tattered lace

The author's comments:
This poem can be about anything, anything that relates to you and your life. I love that about poetry, how everyone can have a differnt view on the same poem. I might have written this poem as a metaphor for life but to you, it can mean anything!

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