Free As A Bird

August 18, 2012
By Lauren Salis SILVER, Guelph, Other
Lauren Salis SILVER, Guelph, Other
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Legs burning, muscles tense

I pedal fiercely down the empty street

My fingers grip the handlebars, elongating into razor sharp talons

Faster, faster, down the tree lined pavement

My feet leave the pedals as my legs disappear into the crisp air

I continue to coast down the dew covered street, moving purely on inertia and will power

Two flaps protrude from my back, swishing open into wings

My bottom lip grows upwards, reaching my nose and hardening, becoming a sleek, curved beak

Feathers the colour of a summer’s night sky sprout from my skin, replacing my hair and clothes

My eyes grow round, the pupils widen, giving new meaning to the phrase “bird’s eye view”

As my speed decreases, I pull myself into a standing position on the handle bars

I flex my shoulder blades, flapping my brand-new wings

Pushing off with all my strength

Leaving my bicycle, the world, behind, I become airborne

Free as a bird

The author's comments:
This is a transformation poem, inspired by early morning bike rides.

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