Disillusioned mind

August 18, 2012
By boomimpulse BRONZE, Torrance, California
boomimpulse BRONZE, Torrance, California
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You are never alone, there is always someone that cares dont give up

Cloudy mind inside her, nonexistent she seems so sure
Yea she walks , she talks, she moves like a person, but that doesn’t mean life , doesn’t mean living she’s chosen
To proceed with her time is a big risk in her eyes, to swallow down her feelings only exposable in the mind
Serenity is the place set way up high, somewhere in the valley of her thoughts the sun shines
Awaiting the arrival of a new cleared mind, to be who she once was, seeing everything clearly no dream like side
No emotions, so numb, all empty underneath
That’s a monster that swallows her deep, when she loses control of her reality
Take a look take a peek, what you see , you might not believe
The eyes trick you and appearances give you illusion of that one person you judge based on what you choose to see, based on what you choose to label them, you should feel wrong because you don’t comprehend you don’t know there beginning nor their end
As you walk on by all you see is her mask, which one is on today? Fooling you is her task
No worries no care no questions she wouldn’t be able to bear
A darkness lurks inside each one, inside each thought , inside each friend, inside each thing she cannot mend
The frightened soul within is tired that feeling with chaos makes her feel like shes wired
Like High off some drug everything is different, will this be forever, her world now shifted

The author's comments:
I was in thought and this is what came to mind, i let myself go. It has alot to do with my unreal disturbing feelings i have had for some time now that i feel will never go away. Am i going to never feel real? Am i ever going to feel like myself again? Some people may be aware of depersonalization, and it has to do with that as well as the depression and life

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bane said...
on Jan. 14 2015 at 9:06 pm
This is touching, I hope u regain who r=you want to be and get bliss of mind. xoxo

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