Shh! She'll hear you!

August 18, 2012
By Anonymous

She was sleeping in her bed,
As silent as could be,
While he crept with careful tread,
Completely unheard by she.

As silent as a mouse,
He crept through the door,
Into the house,
He dropped on the floor.

He lifted a rug,
And there he could see,
Nice and snug,
A silver key.

He stole, quietly over to the shelve,
Left of the rug he did replace,
Into which he delved,
Leaving not a trace.

He inserted the key into the lock,
At which the woman did stir,
And the idea of the woman which he did mock,
Of catching him, did not occur.

It was a chime from an old clock,
That covered the loud click,
Then with a little shock,
He realised it was a trick.

The light came on, and he did moan
Just as he became aware,
That when he thought he was alone,
She’d been sneaking down the stairs.

His mother gave him a look that would scare the dead,
Without one bit of dandy,
‘It’s beyond me,’ she said,
Why you keep stealing candy.

The author's comments:
I know the name needs work, but I'm really not that creative.
Just to clear things up; the boy kept stealing candy so the Mum out the candy in a safe, which he promptly attempted to rob.

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