August 17, 2012
By Anonymous

It drains me
It eats me
Some days it controls me
It is every part that is not the real me
I’ll get pushed to the edge
And it only takes a toll on me
I feel as if I am a monster
With secret demons on the inside
Tearing apart my intestines
Shouting out words I usually despise.
Having regrets after each fight
Someone once told me
It’s only a secondary emotion
For the fact I only feel rage on the inside
I’ll never believe it
Because I’m stuck in cage
Flapping my wings
Saying someone free me
Let me fly so I don’t have to cry
This is not who I want to be
I don’t stop until all thoughts are said
Speaking before I think
But when I walk away
I rant and rave just about all day
My knuckles will bleed of shame
I can only wish to control what the devil brings out in me
I can only wish, one day I will be able to walk away
Before the rampage

The author's comments:
Inspired by me, for those days you feel really angry!

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