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August 17, 2012
By InspirationalDreams BRONZE, Saipan, Other
InspirationalDreams BRONZE, Saipan, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Love is like a rubber band
Both pull on. One lets go & the one that held it
gets hurt"

"I wonder if anyone thinks of me
When they can't go to sleep at night"

So I sat there
Staring at what looks to be the blankest page I’ve ever seen
The awkward moment when you have nothing to write about
Know what I mean?
When your mind goes blank
And your brain just farted
When the imaginations of a lifetime
All departed

The moments when your brain failed you the most
Are the moments when you need it
Cause when your brain can see it
Your heart can believe it
But when your mind goes blank
The page does too, and it won’t change
Until you know what to do
cause YOU have to make a difference
Out of yourself and the world

Cause I’m trying to compare life
With a piece of paper
What you have written on it
Is what you have in your path
It could be a short-term goal
With a single paragraph
Or a long-term goal
With a page and a half
But it doesn’t matter
It’s a piece of paper

Let's make a book
And take a look
At what we could do
To cook up a mean story
And when I mean mean in that line
I don’t mean the emotional mean
I mean the adjective that describes
How great something could be – Mean.
Cause you could only wish you were something as great
As a page filled with structured details

If you’re not working your way into your book,
You’re not working your way into your dreams
Cause everyone has a story meaning to be read
When Shakespeare said “Life’s a stage”
It means you have a role and a story that needs to be said
& you know you can’t read your story if you don’t have one
So make one while you’re still young
Don’t needa wait till it’s too late
Cause waiting lasts forever
And so does life, if you made it that way

Be late any other day, just not today
Cause I believe the only way
To get what you needed to say, out of the way
Is to start today
Don’t procrastinate
Take out that pen, paper, pencil and eraser
& write something on your blank page
Don’t hurry, but don’t take your time either
Cause the faster you plan
A better chance of a future

Don’t be expecting someone to do it for you
Cause that’s called cheating
Don’t take a story away from someone else
Cause that’s called stealing
Don’t plagiarize, just realize
That the blueprint is much more valuable
Than the copy
So do you see, what I mean?
Be legit, not counterfeit
Cause if you’re waiting for someone else
To write YOUR script for YOUR stage,
Then you’ll be left
with One. Blank. Page.

The author's comments:
I watch people walk around saying life doesn't go according to what they plan. To be honest, it doesn't. It never will. But what you could do to prevent some of the heartaches, drama, stress & mishaps is to probably plan it out.

You hear people say everything goes fine when you don't plan it out? Yeah, well, where did that lead you?

The people who can't decide their purpose in life are what/who inspires me to write this piece.

I hope anyone losing hope will take this. I'll be here.

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