My Lifesong

August 17, 2012
Dancing, smiling, singing on the rooftops,
My life is a song, with a melody I choose
Loud here, soft there, unexpected dissonance
The rising and the falling of the notes as I move.
I’m laughing, I’m crying, a whirlwind of music,
But the song keeps on moving to the tempo of my choice.
Accelerate, a tempo now, slower to adagio
The music has to slow a bit to form a clearer voice.
I’m trilling and trying, improvising as I go,
Somehow I must learn to let the music make its way.
A minor chord, and major now, forming tears of happiness.
This song is the story of my life, I’m writing day by day.
Dancing, smiling, singing on the rooftops,
My life’s pulse is music, and each melody renews.
Through suspensions and harsh dissonance, still the notes resolve.
I let the music make its way, and see my Lifesong through.

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Katie-jo said...
Aug. 21, 2012 at 9:18 pm
Music is such an important part of all life, and this poem really, really summed it up! Very good! Please keep writing!;)
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